We offer classes aimed at different abilities, from complete beginners through to intermediate level classes for those more experienced.

Our classes are open to all and are accessible to all. The use of props designed by B.K.S. Iyengar and the training our teachers undergo, allows yoga to be practiced by all. So no matter how stiff, or what your ailment, come in and talk to us, we can advise you on the most suitable classes for you.

Introductory Course - 6 weeks

For absolute beginners to yoga or the Iyengar method. The course is designed to teach students the fundamentals of Iyengar Yoga. Basic poses (asanas) are taught to develop strength, stamina and flexibility and they are suitable for any age group. It is recommended that absolute beginners do 2 or 3 sets of the introduction course before moving on to a beginners/general level class to further their practice.


For those coming through the introduction course or those returning to Yoga after some time away from practice. Also suitable for those who have practiced in a different method and can learn the basics of the Iyengar method. Basic yoga poses (asanas) are taught to develop strength, stamina and flexibility, and they’re suitable for any age group. 


Aimed at those with a good grounding in Iyengar Yoga. Suitable for students of all levels and ability, apart from complete beginners. A wider variety of poses is taught as well as basic pranayama (breath control).


For experienced students who have an established personal practice. Poses can be more demanding and students will have a level of experience and understanding of the adjustments and support required to practice safely. Students should be able to maintain a stable head balance (Sirsasana) and shoulder balance (Sarvangasana) for over 5 minutes. Teachers will advise students if the intermediate class is too demanding and offer suitable alternative classes.

Gentle Yoga

A class aimed at students wishing to practice at a slower pace, particularly for those who are stiffer, have long-standing ailments such as historic injuries, or those who just require a more gentle practice.


A class dedicated to the practice of restorative poses, from supported standing poses to supine poses and some pranayama. Restful and rejuvenating poses that promote well-being and quieten the mind, while still promoting extension and openness of the body. Restorative poses are also taught regularly in all other class, but this class is dedicated to the practice each week.

Pregnancy Yoga

Click here for full details on our pregnancy class.